Ragnar Avery Photo 2016 1200.jpg

Ragnar Richard Avery

Ragnar is photographer who has loved to create and make things since he was a young boy in a rural town in northern Indiana.  This joy of creating led him to Purdue University where he worked his way to a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

From there he pursued a career at a Fortune 500 chemical company in mid-Michigan.  His work with this company took him all over the world exposing him to many cultures, sights, and experiences that shaped his life and his creativity.

Now that Ragnar is retired, photography has become one of his creative passions inspiring him to explore and shoot images in magnificent locations like Oregon, Iceland, Ireland, and Hawaii.  He also uses photography to quench his creative curiosity by exploring studio, macro and nature photography.  But the most satisfying photography for Ragnar is when combines travel with landscape photography which has produced some of his strongest and most recognized images.